Kate Spade Kindle Covers


The Kate Spade Canvas Kindle cover [http://hubpages.com/hub/Kate-Spade-Kindle-Covers] is intended for protection and for decoration as well. When you add the name Kate Spade New york, you have a winner as a gift or protective choice. The design by the well-known handbag stylist adds another dimension to the electronic product. A heavy canvas cover that is more than a knapsack look protects and cares for your Kindle.

The canvas cover designed by Kate Spade New york fits the latest version of the latest Generation Kindle with a 6″ display. It doesn’t fit the 2nd edition Kindle. The heavy duty canvas cover is high quality and is coated to protect the Kindle equipment from weather. The screen is protected when it isn’t open and in use. There is a specially designed hinge to fit snugly over the device. The design means that there isn’t a risk of dropping the Kindle.

The cover is designed to present an imaginative recreation of favorite book titles such as Great Expectations, The great Gatsby and the Importance of Being Earnest. The covers are cheerful and in bright colors so the appeal is undoubted. On the spine, the Spade logo appears. On the back cover, the words Kate Spade New york Publishing are shows. The interior is of book stripe cotton and is lightly padded.

The designer has been in business since 1993, beginning with a limited number of handbags. The designer’s imaginative designs have made Spade a name to be reckoned with in fashion accessories. The business line has expanded to include apparel, jewelry, shoes and the playfully sophisticated Kindle covers. A secure hinge system offers certainty that the Kindle will be held in place. The cover has a slip pocket to carry small items.

The lightly padded cover offers protection mixed with style. Orange, yellow, red and other popular colors will call your attention to the contents of the cover. Since Kindle’s options are numerous and expanding continually, you should use a cover to ensure that the device will be protected to use for many years.

There is a slight design difference that makes this particular Kate Spade New york canvas Kindle cover the accessory of choice for the Generation Kindle. The cover fits the six inch version of the Kindle, not the 2nd edition. The slight difference in design makes the book cover unique for your own version of Kindle. Share the classic look you enjoy while reading the best choices in literature.


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